Robert Van Nood Creative - illustration, graphic design, public service campaigns, advertising cartoons, corporate branding, large art murals
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Here's what our clients are saying.

“Robert Van Nood’s work just jumps out at you. We gave him carte blanche to come up with a logo that would carry the notion of boating fun on the water combined with the rugged beauty of Georgian Bay and he nailed it. The Boating Georgian Bay website has already been changed over to the new brand and we are in the process of manufacturing a new series of hats and sports clothing with the logo."

Mark Coles CEO, First Page SEO and Boating Georgian Bay



Mercury Marine

We first met in 1986, when we had a need to offer our ‘new’ Mariner dealers an equivalent of the ‘then famous’ Mercury dealer calendars, which featured a pretty outboard powered boat each month.  Robert’s concept was to create a cartoon fishing calendar. The 1987 calendar was launched, and by 1988, Mercury dealers where requesting the same format. Here it is 19 years later, and dealers still have a steady stream of customers coming in for their ‘new’ annual edition. It is without doubt, the most successful dealer sponsored promotion we’ve ever done.


The Statistics don’t begin to describe Robert’s wonderful talents. He has what I would call “an innate sense of what must go on in the minds of animals”. From “Target Turtle” to  “Mr. Beaver”, and all the animals and fishes in between, there is always something going on in the background, and usually it takes a few moments for the viewer to notice. Robert’s ability to convey true comedy without words, gives this art a truly multi-lingual appeal.  (2005)

Bob Paterson Retired Director of Marketing Services
Mercury Marine Ltd.


South Muskoka Memorial Hospital

“Your influence on the success of our 8 Million Dollar “Be Part of the Heart” Campaign was very special and important. The creation of “Smooshie” as our campaign mascot was brilliant and provided us with a highly visible and enjoyable logo which brought instant recognition to our Campaign and Hospital.”

Gordon H. Durnan
Former Managing Director
South Muskoka Hospital Foundation


International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association

“I have had the pleasure of working with Robert Van Nood in the development and expansion of our Safe Riders! snowmobiling safety campaign. The success and the positive impact of the poster series can best be understood by knowing that we have printed and distributed over 200,000 posters throughout North America. Robert Van Nood is a key player in this effort"

Edward J. Klim
President, International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association



David Amos, City of Kawartha Lakes, Director of Economic Development

It’s an excellent design…..The logo gives instant recognition of our area and that’s what we need as a marketing tool.

Project details: Logo produced for the City of Kawartha Lakes. This winning logo design was selected as one of five, from over 250 entries, to be voted on by the public. It has been reproduced on everything from websites to signage to literature and fridge magnets.





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