Robert Van Nood Creative - illustration, graphic design, public service campaigns, advertising cartoons, corporate branding, large art murals
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Special Project

York Region - Water, We're All Connected

This piece, commissioned by York Region's Environmental Services Dept., was created as an educational vehicle to show the way water connects us all. With the underlying themes of source water protection and conservation this highly detailed, entertaining and (most important to the client) engaging illustration was reproduced as everything from posters to coloring pages to jigsaw puzzles. 

Ducks Unlimited - A Wetland Journal
Haliburton Folk Society - Winter Folk Camp
Harcourt Achieve Educational Publisher
Kortright Conservation Area Wetland Trail Signs
Maria's Walk Kortright Conservation Centre
NOHVCC/COHV Adventure Trail
South Muskoka Memorial Hospital Foundation
York Region - Water, We're All Connected


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