Robert Van Nood Creative - illustration, graphic design, public service campaigns, advertising cartoons, corporate branding, large art murals
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A Wetland Tale

This charming illustrated childrenís story was originally produced through a partnership between Ducks Unlimited and Santaís Village, a theme park in Bracebridge Ontario. Telling the story, through a family of displaced beavers, of the importance of wetland preservation to human habitats the illustrations of cute critters, beautiful wetland and skyscapes and the damage done by people highlight Robertís signature style. Robert Van Nood Creative was responsible not only for the art but also, art direction, creative direction, graphic design, game and puzzle creation and layout.

2010 Olympic Mascot Proposal
A Bear is Born
A Wetland Tale
Canada Day Wood Carving
Wetland Widlife Models
What in the world is that?!


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