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What in the world is that?!

It's a Grogoch! What's a grogoch, I can hear you all asking. A grogoch is one of the faerie folk, not particularly well known to mere mortals like us. Robert Van Nood went searching and has unearthed some ancient archives that describe this 2 foot tall, smelly, messy, fur-covered but friendly, gaelic faerie. He has chosen to share this hard won knowledge with you his faithful fans and is unveiling here for the first time in centuries that elusive character known as  The Grogoch. As Robert continues to translate the ancient archives he will keep you posted on his discoveries so watch this spot!

2010 Olympic Mascot Proposal
A Bear is Born
A Wetland Tale
Canada Day Wood Carving
Wetland Widlife Models
What in the world is that?!


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