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Illustrating services, graphic design, cartoons, logo development, trademark illustration, corporate brand creation, creative design and agency services……if you are looking for any of these the search stops here! In 1991 Robert Van Nood founded Robert Van Nood Creative. Situated in the heart of central Ontario's cottage country RVN Creative is a little off the beaten path, both in its approach to its clients and the calibre of the results it delivers. More than just another advertising agency, RVN Creative is a cartoon studio, a design house and a full service creative agency. Whether you are looking for illustration services, graphic creation and renderings, or public service campaigns, advertising cartoons and corporate branding…even large scale art murals, Robert Van Nood Creative delivers with characteristic visual humour and client-centred focus.

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The Man (Artist, Illustrator, Humourist, Designer)

Robert Van Nood is a Canadian Artist and one of North America's premiere illustrators. Internationally known for his humorous illustrations and cartoons, his skills in creative and graphic design, logo development, trademark illustrating, and corporate brand image and identity creation are widely sought. Robert's background as a freelance creative director for several renowned creative agencies as well as more than a quarter of a century's experience as a commercial artist has made him a master in the field of communication arts. For the last 18 years Robert has specialized in the outdoor and recreational industries and is recognized as 'the' boating and fishing illustrator in Canada.'



The Agency (Creative Arts and Services)

Robert Van Nood Creative prides itself on its ability to offer top notch advertising agency services in a highly personalized, custom format. Drawing on the skills and talents of a variety of individuals who are masters of their craft allows us to provide quality that is second to none. If artistry, imagination, creativity, humour, style and technique are important to your project, RVN Creative has them in abundance.

A sampling of our clients includes: Mercury Marine Ltd., U.S. National Parks and Recreation Association, U.S. and Canadian Coastguards, Ducks Unlimited, International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association, U.S. National Off Highway Vehicle Conservation Council, Montana Parks, Fish and Wildlife, Yamaha Motor Corporation, York Region and Toronto Region Conservation Authority.


Over the past 25 years Robert Van Nood has produced and archived hundreds of images from golf and angling to hunting and wildlife all of which feature his unique and entertaining style and whimsical characters. For the first time these images are now available for licensing. Click here to see a small sampling of his recent work. To view a more complete portfolio or to enquire about licensing opportunities, contact us by e-mail, telephone, or snail mail.


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